The latest patent submitted by Apple reveals a color-changing band that can match the wearer’s clothes.

Watch Band

‘Band Identifier System for Wearable Devices’ revolves around the NFC, or near field communications technology to identify the band, and operations such as the displayed content, theme, and color. Apple also says the user interface and home screen will be customized or automatically updated to coincide with the band color.

It’s also worth noting that the NFC recognizes only authorized bands, and could auto shutoff some features or prompt the user if their bands are considered unauthorized. It’s believed that the mechanism will be similar to Face ID disabling for iPhone if a third-party screen was installed.

The patent gives credit to seven inventors, which include Daniel Hiemstra. Patents serve as an insight as to what direction companies are taking to improve their products, but they are not solid indicators that the technology will be implemented in the future.


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