Apple’s plans of a redesigned Messages App Surface Online

Apple could be planning to change its Messages app to work in a mixed reality environment.

A twitter leak by user ‘Majin Bu’ reveals that the Cupertino-based company is reportedly working on a new iMessage app, with new video clips, chat rooms and a home view for its mixed reality headset. The app is said to offer new AR chat features and will be launched alongside the headset next year.

Messages App

Apple has tweaked the app in iOS 16, introducing several features such as activity updates, collaboration invitations, unread conversation marking and being able to delete or edit recent messages. An entirely new Messages is very well likely, especially if it coincides with a new Apple product.

User ‘Majin Bu’ has had a history of correctly revealing Apple’s plans in terms of color options and cases, and how iPadOS will have a smart multitasking system, which ultimately arrived in M1 iPads and was called ‘Stage Manager’.