Apple’s Premium Wireless Headphones are $99 Off

Although now more than a year old, the AirPods Max is still worthy of your audiophile collection. Today, you can buy the Apple AirPods Max for only $449.99 from its original price of $550 on Amazon.

Apple’s high-end headphones has that Spatial Audio technology that gives you extra depth when listening to supported songs in Apple Music. It does make a world of difference, especially in concerts and live music, where you feel like part of the crowd.


When listening to podcasts and audiobooks or while watching YouTube videos and streaming content, the headphones does a great job of capturing all the audio cues and subtle nuances in say, a horror or action series or film.

As for comfort and design you get a knit-mesh canopy, plus memory foams that will keep your ears and head relatively cool. There’s also that on-head detection and seamless switching so you won’t have to fiddle as much.

Grab the discounted AirPods Max today!