Apple’s return to work mandate leads to Machine Learning director’s exit


Apple director of machine learning Ian Goodfellow has left the company over its ‘return to work’ directive.

Machine Learning

Goodfellow will be resigning after spending three years in Apple as machine learning head. Apple’s foray into machine learning and AI development will slow down as the Cupertino-based company will be looking for another to take Goodfellow’s place. The move was confirmed when he emailed staff about his exit.

The official reason for the resignation is unknown, but the machine learning director did say that Apple forcing people to report to work to the office was an issue. He said that he thinks flexibility will be the best policy for his team.

Goodfellow’s LinkedIn profile states he is the ‘Director of Machine Learning in the Special Projects Group’, but it hasn’t been updated with recent news. Previously, Goodfellow worked at Google as senior staff research scientist and contributed to GaNs, or Generative Adversarial Networks technology.

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