Apple’s Smart Keyboard for iPad Air is 35% Off


A smart keyboard to an iPad or iPad Air essentially transforms the tablet into a more portable computer. Today, you can achieve the same versatile setup with the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad or iPad Air, which is down to just $96.96 from its original price of $149 on Amazon.

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad

Attach the smart keyboard and you’ll be able to create a presentation, write a paper or do work in a more efficient manner. If a full-sized keyboard is what you need then it’s best to go with Apple’s proven products.

The official Smart Keyboard is made to be used with as little problems as possible. Connecting is a cinch, and there’s no need to pair via Bluetooth every time you want to use it. There’s also no charging needed.

It also acts as a protective cover when you’re done and mobile. Being made by Apple you can expect it to last a long time. Buy the official Apple iPad Smart Keyboard today!

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