Apple’s social and environmental push sets example for other companies

Alisha Johnson, Apple Racial Equity and Justice Initiative executive recently went on an interview to talk about how Apple is doing more for the world and making it a better place.

In particular, the company’s environmental and social initiatives are setting the tone for other companies as businesses pursue policy changes ahead of the government.

Johnson mentioned that businesses should be ‘proactive’ and push forward through the changes, and it shouldn’t be done just for PR purposes.

The Apple exec touched upon increased public awareness and how these initiatives weren’t new at Apple as they were already doing work in addressing systemic racism and equity. Also, Johnson discussed climate change and the company’s pledge to become a carbon neutral organization by the year 2030.

Johnson states that Apple is ‘contagious’ in that it wants other companies to follow. The exec made a similar statement during the 50th Annual Legislative Conference at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in September. 

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