Apple’s ‘The Rescue’ video ad highlights Emergency SOS via Satellite

A new ad video, titled ‘The Rescue’ has been uploaded on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

‘The Rescue- Emergency SOS via Satellite’ is about a minute in length and showcases the feature in action. The video was first revealed in September along with the iPhone 14 launch, and it’s likely that it will become a TV commercial in the near future.

The Rescue

Emergency SOS via Satellite has launched in Canada and the US, and the video shows a couple getting rescued by a helicopter as they stood atop a mountain.

The couple used the iPhone 14 feature to contact emergency services by riding on satellite technology to send text messages even when Wi-Fi and cellular coverage are out. Apple says it can take 15 seconds to send the text under ‘ideal conditions’ while obstructions and foliage can make the text delayed or not sent at all.

Emergency SOS via Satellite is allowed on all iPhone 14 models that run iOS 16.1 or later.