Apple’s Vision Pro might have liquid lenses in the future

Apple recently submitted a patent that uses liquid lenses in lieu of glass.

The patent application, titled ‘lenses of a head-mounted device may include tunable liquid lenses’ explains the technology behind the idea, with each lens having a chamber that contains liquid. Furthermore, the chamber could have flexible or rigid walls that create a lens surface.

Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple continues with a description of a reservoir system with pumps and actuators that could ‘deform’ the surface via control signals and a control circuit. In technical terms, dielectric particles and similar refractive adjustment elements could adjust the liquid’s refractive index and tune into the user’s sight.

With the built-in lenses, the controls and liquid can make adjustments to correct eyesight issues. The patent also discusses cameras to gather information about the user’s eyes for adjustment purposes.

Submitted patents give consumers ideas on how companies are moving forward with their products. In this case, Apple might be thinking of adding liquid lenses to its future Vision Pro headsets.