Apple Music will soon have an animated album artwork and will be launched alongside the beta versions of macOS 11.1 and iOS 14.3.

Apple Music

On iPhones running iOS 14 animated playlist artwork is already included but it seems that Apple is expanding upon this and introducing it to select album covers as well.

Users have spotted animated album art on Pearl Jam’s ‘Gigaton’, Big Sean’s ‘Detroit 2′ and Future Utopia’s ’12 Questions’ and have posted their findings on social media. The animation is similar to the live wallpapers in iOS and seem to loop as long as it’s on the screen.

The artwork takes up 1/2 of the display but they appear the same size on the Mac and iPad. Aside from the new album releases the selection criteria for albums to receive animations is unclear. Those who want to see the new feature must wait until Monday, December 14 to download iOS 14.3.


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