The services industry is on a major rise as people seem to prefer paying a monthly fee rather than paying an upfront fee. Apple’s services segment now brings in more money than all the Macs sold make in a quarter. To attract more people to use its services, Apple is now offering five months free service of Apple Music for those who have never given it a try.

Apple Music

Apple offers a three month free Apple Music service to new customers but it looks like with the five month free promotional offer, it wants to catch users who have resisted from paying for music or have never seen the benefits of the service. The promotional appears to live in India, we cannot confirm at the moment as to whether it is running in other countries as well, according to The Indian Express.

Avail offer through Shazam

The five month free promotional offer will last till 17th January, 2021 and after which only new customers will be able to avail the three months free offer. According to The Indian Express, this is not the first time that Apple is running such a campaign to attract customers to its Apple Music service. Apple has reportedly also run such a campaign last year but in that case, the company was offering six months of free service.


To avail the five months free service, users will have to download the Shazam app. Once downloaded, the user will have to ask the service to identify a song playing in the background. When the recognition is done, tap the button which reads play on Apple Music, and then the user will be redirected to a new page displaying the new promotional offer.

At the moment, it looks like users will *have* to go through Shazam to avail the five months free plan. It is a pretty sweet offer.


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