Apple Music subscribers will soon be able to watch live concerts within the music streaming platform.

Apple Music

‘Apple Music Live’ is Apple’s newest feature on Apple Music and works similarly to Apple Music Festival. The Cupertino-based company announced the concert series alongside a tweet promising users they could soon watch the world’s ‘favorite artists’.

The first concert will be a performance by Harry Styles at the New York UBS Arena. Apple Music users can watch the stream starting May 20 at 9pm EST, with an encore happening on May 22 at 12pm EST and May 26 at 5am EST. It’s not yet known if the concert videos can be viewed via on-demand replay. The concert performance follows Harry Styles’ new album, ‘Harry’s House’ on the same day.

Apple Music costs $9.99 monthly or $14.99 for family subscriptions on up to 6 individuals and their devices. College students can subscribe for only $4.99 a month.


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