Apple Music gets Lawsuit because of original song samples

Apple’s music platform has been hit with a lawsuit that alleges copyright infringement, associating with a transphobic company and ‘false and misleading advertising’.

A report revealed that a particular music track came from an original song and was used without permission. The copyright holder then said that Apple made a profit as it was used in the company’s online advertisement.

Apple Music

The song in question was ‘Anything You Synthesize’ and was allegedly owned by Charming Beats. Another track, ‘Caramelo’ by Ninho had a musical component that had an ‘unlicensed reproduction’ of Charming Beats’ work.

The filing stated that the ‘Caramelo’ lyrics were shown on Apple’s website, along with a link to Apple Music and a short excerpt. However, the report said that the track was not available in the platform during the time and thus was termed ‘false and misleading advertisement’.

Lastly, the filing accused Apple of collaborating with a performer, namely DeeBaby and his transphobic statements.