Apple Music launches ‘Replay 2023’ playlist

Apple Music has released a new playlist, called ‘Replay 2023’ for subscribers.

Users can access ‘Replay 2023’ by opening the Apple Music app or through their browsers. It’s a customized playlist that ranks the user’s music based on the number of plays from 100 to 1. The playlist auto-updates as the year goes on and as music gets added. Apple Music will update each Sunday, and by the end of the year, the user will have 100 of their favorite songs ranked and saved in the playlist.

Apple Music

‘Replay 2023’ can be accessed within the Listen Now for macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. The web version will have several more details, including detailed play count statistics and most streamed artists, among others.

Users who do not see the playlist may need to listen to their favorite tunes for the app to gather data. After a few plays, the list should appear in the ‘Listen Now’ section.