Apple Music reaches 100 million songs

Apple today celebrated a milestone within its Apple Music service for 100 million songs within the platform.

In a press release, Rachel Newman, global head of the editorial branch says that the service began with only a hundred thousand songs 21 years ago, and now it has grown phenomenally. Newman further mentions that 100 million songs is more than anyone can listen to in one or even several lifetimes, and ends by saying that Apple Music now has the ‘biggest collection of music ever’.

Apple Music Reaches 100 Million Songs

The editorial head mused about the future and said that there were two focus areas for improving the service, including human curation and more context.

Apple has been steadily adding to Apple Music in terms of content and features. The service already has exclusive live covers and releases through Apple Music Sessions, as well as concert livestreams and DJ Mixes in Spatial Audio. Lossless audio was also introduced in 2021.