Apple Music releases ‘Essential Anniversaries’ collection


Apple Music highlights a collection of music, dubbed ‘Essential Anniversaries’ on the platform.

Apple Music

The service has an ‘Essentials’ playlist, which features songs from bands and artists. It’s not a ‘best of’ curation, but rather hand-picked by people as if they were a fan. It’s expanded to ‘Essentials Anniversaries’, which is a list of albums chosen for those who might be interested to listen to them.

Apple describes ‘Essential’ albums as the ‘ones you come home to and swear by’. The game-changers and classics have defined movements, careers, moments in time and eras, according to the feature. The section includes Editor’s Notes, live events and exclusive artist interviews, among others. Extras may also have content, such as why and how the album was put together.

Apple’s music platform is home to more than 70 million songs, music videos and similar content and costs $9.99 a month, or $14.99 for a family plan.

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