Apple Music ‘Shareable Milestones’ feature for artists launches

Apple has recently added a new feature for artists to share their achievements through the Apple Music app.

Shareable Milestones’ is the latest to come to the streaming music platform, and allows artists to show off their successes and record highs on Plays and Shazams in a region or country. These milestone ‘cards’ can be easily shared across popular social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or as a post or email for Messages and in the Apple Music for Artists app.

Shareable Milestones

Milestones will now show in the overview page at the Apple Music for Artists platform. While ‘Shareable Milestones’ is currently set for artists so they could promote their creations, it’s possible that Apple will be making one for Apple Music users so they can share their favorite tracks.

Apple Music for Artists is a suite of tools designed to help artists thrive on the Apple Music platform. Aside from marketing and analytics elements it contains resources and a way to release and create music on Apple Music.