Apple Music takes 20 percent streaming market share in the UK

A government report by the UK reveals that Apple’s streaming music service is at third place in the regional market.

An independent study mentioned in a previous find that a million subscribers in the UK were canceling their music accounts. The study, which was done by the UK broke down the numbers in a ‘research and analysis’ post, with Spotify taking the top spot with a 50-60 percent market share, followed by Amazon with a 20-30 percent share. Apple Music came in third, with a 10-20 percent share, and SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Deezer and Tidal coming in at 0-10 percent.

Apple Music

The data came from the CMA, or Competition and Markets Authority and it’s believed that the figures came from the streaming companies. The government body did not mention specific prices and says that the details reveal average royalty rates and average earnings of UK musicians.

The complete report is available to view at the official CMA website.