Apple outs new section, ‘This Week on Apple Music’

Apple has recently added a new section, titled ‘This Week on Apple Music’ which focuses on exclusive content and curated list recommendations.

In the Apple Music platform, hundreds of new and exclusive content are being released on a regular basis. Apple hopes to help users get through to what they might be interested in by highlighting them on the ‘This Week’ section and within the app.

Each Friday a new video will be hosted by an artist. The short video will have new and exclusive content in the ‘Browse’ tab. This week, the focus is about a short film of an up-and-coming musician, a Jennifer Lopez interview and a BTS playlist. At the bottom are featured radio shows and albums.

Apple didn’t include a specific URL for the ‘This Week on Apple Music’, and it seems that the only way to get to it is by going to the ‘Browse’ tab or by following the ‘This Week‘ link Apple shared on Twitter.

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