Apple partners up with NBA for new Apple Music playlist

The NBA and Apple have collaborated on the Apple Music platform and released a new playlist, dubbed ‘Base: Line’. It features various independent artists from emerging labels and will be comprised of forty songs mostly from the hip hop genre.

NBA and Apple

‘Base: Line’ will be distributed via the NBA website and app, and will be played alongside game highlights on social media. NBA fan and Apple executive Eddy Cue has played a role in the deal, saying that Apple encourages and supports emerging urban artists and their creations.

Apple Partners Up with NBA for New Apple Music Playlist

UnitedMasters, a new label will be providing the songs, which will be played on Apple’s music subscription platform. Apple intends to release new playlists on a weekly basis and allow subscribers to connect with more than 100,000 independent artists through their music.

It’s estimated that Apple Music has 60 million-plus subscribers, right below Spotify’s. The move could bring in more subscribers, especially fans of the NBA.