Apple Showcases ‘Highlight Reel’ on Apple Music Replay

Apple has added a new feature, called ‘highlight reel’ for its 2022 Apple Music Replay.

The Replay webpage now has the overhauled experience up front and center, encouraging users to interact with it before going into listening insights and detailed information.

Apple Music Replay

Within the highlight reels are animated cards infused with social media themes- musical highlights are shown based on the user’s listening history.

While browsing through the highlight reel, music plays on each card. The Replay webpage is viewable on both desktop and mobile web browser versions. Afterward, users can scroll to see detailed breakdowns of their listened-to playlists and albums from before.

The Cupertino-based company has also released its top songs for 2022, as well as most-read lyrics, and top fitness songs. At the bottom is an option to add the full 2022 Replay playlist to the Apple Music app.

Apple Music Replay is similar to Spotify’s Wrapped, but it’s currently limited only to browser windows.