Car manufacturer Audi has recently announced that a significant number of its 2022 vehicles will have Apple Music integrated within its infotainment systems.

Audi Promises Apple Music

With Apple Music built in the dashboard Audi car owners can open the app and access their saved libraries and favorite music through the MMI screen and without the need for a wired connection, Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth.

A software update unlocks the integration of Apple Music in the Audi Multi-Media Interface, to which the user can log in using their Apple ID and following on-screen instructions. A verification code will be sent to the user’s iPhone to confirm their identity.

Apple Music integration will be available in Japan, North America and Europe starting with the 2022 models. Existing cars will get an OTA update, with future Audis having Apple Music as standard.

Aside from Audi, other carmakers have begun integrating Apple Music into their infotainment systems, including Porsche in 2019 and Mercedes last year.


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