Car company exhibit reveals a Tesla with Apple Music support


A car show recently showed a Tesla vehicle with support for Apple Music in its infotainment system.

Apple Music

The Petersen Automotive Museum in LA was held a few days ago, with a collection of vehicles that are connected to its history. One of the models, a Tesla S Long Range was shown with an infotainment screen showing the Apple Music icon. In a social media post, a QR code that can activate Apple Music was shown.

The museum exhibit allowed visitors and car enthusiasts to try the vehicles and their features. The only caveat is that the cars themselves aren’t full vehicles, but rather demos and that they were running modified firmware instead of public release versions.

The music streaming service may or may not mean anything on Tesla’s future iteration. Apple Music support was teased, but there wasn’t any guarantee on when and if it will appear on the electric vehicle brand.

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