Fitness+ themed ‘Studio Series’ now on Apple Music

New Fitness Plus-themed playlists have begun appearing on the Apple Music platform. A dedicated category now allows users to check the playlists under Fitness+ workouts.

The playlists are labeled under ‘Studio Series’ and crafted by Apple Fitness+ trainers and Apple Music editors. There are some that are dedicated to workouts such as HIIT, rowing, treadmill, cycling and others. There are also lists for genres such as ‘Pure Dance Row’ and ‘Country Run’, to name a few.

The new playlists are available to view now. Users can check them out under the ‘Search’ bar within the Music app and tapping on ‘Fitness’.

Playlists and songs can also be accessed from within the Fitness+ app as well under the ‘Fitness Plus’ tab. Every workout will have a button that says ‘Listen in Music’, which will redirect the user to the appropriate playlist in the Apple Music app.

Apple Fitness+ is a fitness service that costs $9.99 a month and is powered by the Apple Watch.

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