Get Up!’ Mix renamed ‘Workout Mix’ in Apple Music


Apple has been making small changes to its Apple Music service, notably the weekly playlists. Today, the ‘Get Up! Mix’ is being rebranded into ‘Workout Mix’.

Apple Music

The Cupertino-based company added the mix this March and brought the weekly curated playlist to five in total, with the other four being ‘Chill Mix’, ‘New Music Mix’, ‘Friends Mix’ and ‘Favorites Mix’.

‘Workout Mix’ pertains to a curated playlist designed to help Apple Music users stand up and move about, and Apple thought ‘Workout’ would be a more fitting name.

Just last year Apple began a massive overhaul of its Apple Music branding, starting with the switch of ‘A-List: Dance’ to ‘DanceXL’, ‘A-List: HipHop’ to ‘Rap Life’ and ‘A-List: Alternative’ to ‘ALT CTRL’, and finally ‘Best of the Week’ to ‘New Music Daily’. The playlists remained the same albeit without the ‘A-List’ title that was attached when the service launched in 2015.

Apple Music is available on both iOS and Android platforms for $4.99 and $9.99 a month.

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