K-Pop band BTS to premiere on Apple Music 1


Korean pop band ‘BTS’ will be launching a special, 3 part episode on the Apple Music 1 platform starting May 28.

K-Pop Band BTS

BTS members will discuss their rise to stardom and to support their upcoming album which launches June 10. The K-pop group frequented Apple Music top charts in the ‘most streamed of 2021’ genre, and their concerts have graced the Apple TV+ platform as well. Now, BTS is poised to produce content on Apple’s music streaming service starting May 28.

The band’s RM mentioned in a statement that they wanted to use Apple’s radio show to celebrate ‘9 years of BTS’ and with their ‘ARMY’ all over the globe. The RM further continued that every song is dedicated to the listeners and how each one tells a story about the K-pop group.

The 3-part episode will each have a distinct theme, with the first revealing the band’s style and origins, while the second will play fan favorite tunes according to the members.

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