Kanye West’s Apple Music playlist has been removed

Musical artist Kanye West has had his playlist removed from Apple Music following a controversy.

West in October posted antisemitic remarks on Twitter, saying that he would ‘go deathcon 3’ on Jewish people. As a result, Twitter locked the rapper’s account and deleted the tweet. This set off a chain of events, with other companies following suit and issuing statements that West’s behavior was unacceptable.

Kanye West’s

Adidas, Foot Locker, and Gap terminated their partnership with the artist and promptly removed his products from their offerings. Apple did the same, first by removing a West playlist from its music streaming platform, particularly the ‘Kanye West Essentials’.

Apple Music users can no longer search or access the playlist, and those who have bookmarked or saved it as their favorite will receive a pop-up message, ‘Item Not Available’. The playlist has been removed from the UK and US, and likely in every region where the service is available.

West’s albums and songs still remain in Apple Music, however.