Apple Music recently tweeted that Neil Young and his music is still available on the subscription-based platform.

Neil Young

Neil Young voluntarily exited Spotify after hearing about Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast. Though Young isn’t exclusively only on Apple’s streaming service- he hasn’t removed his songs from rival competitors such as Amazon Music and others, the move has caused a ripple on social media and the news world.

The artist hasn’t had the smoothest of relationships with Apple- in 2015, Young removed his songs from all platforms except Tidal over the fact that the audio quality was poor and did not meet his expectations. Then recently in 2020, he commented how the MacBook Pro was basically a ‘Fisher Price’, and the computer was not ‘good enough’ for music production at a high level.

Young is notable for launching his own company, Pono, with an audio device called PonoPlayer and the PonoMusic download service.


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