Porsche curated playlists appear in Apple Music

Apple Music official curator Porsche has tapped Phil Schiller to release his playlist collection on the music streaming platform.

Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow recently gave users an insight on what he’s listening to, and shared a playlist he has on his Audi R8. Most of the playlists have simple descriptions and are tuned in for specific models, including the 911 and the Taycan.

Apple Music

The curator page in the Apple Music Porsche reads ‘We believe every car should be a sports car’, and ‘whether you’re driving one or dreaming of one, these playlists will provide the perfect soundtrack’.

The car manufacturer is one of the earliest adopters of Apple technology. Porsche added integrated Apple Music products, CarPlay and a music player that can run the streaming platform without the need for an external device.

With the Taycan launch Porsche promised owners free Apple Music for up to 6 months. The recent playlist promotion is a result of the partnership between Apple and Porsche.