Porsche Taycan EV to have In-Car Apple Music Streaming

Car manufacturer Porsche today announced that it will be partnering with Apple to provide in-car infotainment on its Taycan electric vehicle via cellular connection, similar to Tesla’s Spotify and Slacker in Europe and the U.S., respectively.

Taycan buyers can get the technology package and integrated cellular connectivity for 3 years. North America Porsche CEO Klaus Zellmer mentioned that its partnership with Apple is all about design and values that both companies share.

Porsche Apple Music

Along with Apple Music, the electric vehicle from Porsche will have Apple CarPlay, but it’s still not sure if it will come with the wireless or wired version.

The partnership is a milestone in regards to a carmaker integrating Apple Music services into a vehicle’s infotainment platform. Tesla is said to be opting to implement Spotify in their vehicles, but there’s no other news regarding its progress.

The Porsche Taycan, an all-electric vehicle is set to debut in September, with first orders becoming available by the year’s end.