‘Up Next’ Apple Music Highlights International Artists

Apple will be featuring international artists in eleven countries as part of its ‘Up Next’ promo in Apple Music.

‘Up Next’ highlights new artists through the Apple Music platform. The international version will have twelve artists initially with hopes of the artists getting more recognition from their own local regions.

Apple Music

The regions that will be getting ‘Up Next’ are USA, Japan, Canada, UK, Russia, Mexico, Germany, France, India, South Africa and Australia. China is set to join come April of 2021.

Apple Music Highlights

The first batch of artists are Morray (US), Baby Queen (UK), Bixckie (South Africa), prosto Lera (Russia), Nicki Nicole (Latin America), Dongorizu (Japan), Prabh Deep (India), Lune (Germany), Noe Preszow (France), Pressa (Canada) and Peach PRC (Australia).

Apple’s curators have chosen the artists instead of algorithms. In each month the artists get the spotlight in terms of exposure and Apple’s marketing muscle.

The new ‘Up Next’ content is rolling out and should appear on iOS.