Apple ran something similar to an awards ceremony (press release) for apps to commemorate developers. Last week, the company announced 15 apps and games that stood out from the rest by making a difference in people’s lives. The top pics were reportedly based on the quality, the creativity, the innovation, positive impact, amount of helpfulness, and the role of importance it plays.

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In this article, we will cover the best apps made for Apple devices in 2020, as crowned by Apple.

Best Apps of 2020

Wakeout! – iPhone App of the Year

The app ‘Wakeout!’ has been developed by Andres Canella. According to Apple, the app brought “gentle exercises” to home at a time when people were not stepping out.

Zoom – iPad App of the Year

From students to professionals, all have heard of Zoom. In the beginning of the worldwide lockdown due to COVID-19, Zoom had become the go to video conferencing software. Of course, since then, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have taken up major portions of the slice.

Top apps for other Apple platforms include:

Fantastical – Mac App of the Year

Developed By Flexibits, Fantastical is a calendar and tasks management app.

Disney+ – Apple TV App of the Year

Developed by Disney, the streaming service Disney+ has emerged as a decent player in the already crowded market.

Endel – Apple Watch App of the Year

The app creates personalized soundspaces based on inputs such as heart rate from the Apple Watch.

“This year, more than ever before, some of our most creative and connected moments happened in apps. This was thanks to the amazing work of developers who introduced fresh, helpful app experiences throughout the year,” said former SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller; now an Apple Fellow. “Around the world, we saw remarkable efforts from so many developers, and these Best of 2020 winners are 15 outstanding examples of that innovation. From helping us stay fit and mindful, to keeping our children’s education on track, to helping fight hunger, their impact was meaningful to so many of us.”


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