Twitter App for iOS to get a few nifty updates


Twitter held a press conference today and detailed the features they’ve been working on for future releases. On the iOS, the social media company teases that users will be able to follow certain topics, support for Live Photos and more.

Twitter iOS Nifty

One of the most notable additions is the ability to follow a specific topic, including TV shows, celebrities, spots and others, which spread out as a selection of tweets displayed within your timeline. Currently, Twitter says that they’re beta testing it on the Android and following sporting events and teams.

Live Photos support was a feature that was introduced in March and is now confirmed under the ‘testing’ phase. When this rolls out, iPhone users can now directly post and view them in the app.

Other worthy mentions include direct message searching and a photo-reordering function within a tweet. There’s also a ‘snooze button’ for notifications for a set amount of time.


Samantha Wiley

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