‘Armchair Expert’ leaving Apple Podcasts for Spotify

‘Armchair Expert’, a podcast show by Monica Padman and Dax Shepard will be leaving Apple Podcasts and heading to Spotify on the first of July.

Following the exodus all future episodes will be made exclusive to the Spotify platform. “Armchair Expert’ is one of Apple’s most popular podcasts at the 13th spot in Top Charts. Forbes says the show has approximately 20 millions listeners tuning in every month.

Armchair Expert

‘Armchair Expert’ is the second acquisition of Spotify in an exclusive deal, with ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ being the first.

Apple’s Podcast Subscriptions was announced during the April ‘Spring Loaded’ event as a direct competitor to Spotify. Just recently the Cupertino-based company landed a deal with Wondery to have podcasts added to Apple’s subscription-based podcast service.

Spotify says that the ‘Armchair Expert’ episodes will still be ‘free and available’. In similar news, a research firm believes Spotify may lead in podcast content by the year’s end.