Artists are reinventing baseball cards using Apple Pencils and iPad Pros

Artists are using Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro to reinterpret famous MLB cards and turning them into digital art using Procreate.

Apple has highlighted a group of artists and how they’re making waves in the collectible cards genre. One of them, Eric Friedensohn was offered a partnership by Topps, MLB’s official trading card company last year. He and other artists began making limited edition cards and is now on a follow-up endeavor, titled ‘Project 70’.

Topps and its artists are creating their own versions of over 70 years’ worth of baseball cards and releasing one per day. The cards can be bought on Topps’ official website.

Friedensohn says that the Apple Pencil and iPad are intuitive tools which feel like extensions of his brain and hand. The artist says digital tools allow him to work faster and in layers, which come in handy when he wants to combine ideas.

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