Apple introduces Ask Apple series for developers

Apple introduced Ask Apple – a new way for developers to connect with experts at Apple. This will reportedly allow developers a direct line with the experts at Apple through interactive Q&As (Question and Answers) and one-on-one consultations. According to the iPhone maker, this new series will allow developers to gain more insight regarding the development process or to clarify any doubts, provide feedback easily, and also in case if any support is required.

This new means of interaction will allow developers to quickly understand the newer technologies released by Apple. At the moment, developers can connect with experts at Apple to gain more understanding about the Dynamic Island software development best practices and to understand the new features on Swift, Swift UI. The series will also allow developers to better prepare for advances in the operating systems and hardware prepared by Apple.

Ask Apple

Free of charge for Apple developers

Ask Apple has been released as a free of charge service and all the developers who are part of the Apple Developer Program can enroll for free. Also, the developers who are part of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program can enroll for free to avail the support provided by Ask Apple. Developers can ask questions on Slack by connecting with Apple evangelists, designers, adn engineers.

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“We’ve been listening to feedback from developers around the world about what will be most helpful to them as they build innovative apps, and we’ve seen an increased appetite for one-on-one support and conversation with Apple experts,” said Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing Susan Prescott. “Our team is committed to continuously evolving our support for our diverse global developer community, and we’re excited to offer Ask Apple as another new resource.”

Ask Apple series allows developers to ask for assistance on code-level basis or guidance on design, and about technologies or frameworks.