‘Ask Apple’ series starts November 14

Apple recently announced that its ‘Ask Apple’ series will begin again on November 14.

Developers will want to take note of the date, as the session focuses on the latest Apple features and technology. Ask Apple series will have developers going on 1-on-1 consultations that are around 25 minutes. The sessions will be hosted in various languages and time zones.


Developers can get first-hand assistance from Apple experts on how they can do more using Slack group chat, design better UI, and integrate the latest technology on their apps.

Apple will host group Q&A sessions as well in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. Ask Developer Technical Support, Ask the App Store Connect Team, and Ask App Store Review will be specifically held in Cupertino time.

Registration to join ‘Ask Apple’ sessions is available for Apple Developer Enterprise Program and Apple Developer Program members. The next round after November 18 will be held in December.