ASMR Series launched by Apple uses iPhone-shot recordings

Apple has released new ‘Shot on iPhone’ videos that highlights the iPhone’s mic and camera quality. These four videos are the first ones in what Apple calls ‘Apple ASMR’.

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response is a popular form of media that can help listeners relax and explore new aural sensations. Apple’s take on ASMR is best ‘enjoyed with headphones’, which means you can don your best listening hardware, close your eyes and just tune in to the experience.

ASMR Series launched by Apple

There are four ASMR Shot on iPhone videos in total- the ‘Calm Rain at Camp’; ‘Crunching Sounds on the Trail’; ‘Whispers in Ghost Forest’ and ‘Satisfying Woodshop Sounds’. All of the videos were recorded using the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, with the addition of a few professional hardware and software. Each video lasts anywhere between 8 to 11 minutes long and offer sound nuances on earbuds or headphones.