AT&T customers are seeing “5GE” on their iPhone devices

Apple has released an iOS update in late March, and guess what happened? After installing iOS 12.2 updates, an icon of “5GE” appeared on the smartphones of AT&T customers instead of LTE. However, what’s the story behind this? Do our smartphones really have 5G on them? There’s been a lot of questions roaming around on the internet.

About the 5GE on iPhone

We’ve gathered some information about the whole scenario and found out that AT&T has upgraded its LTE networks and have given it a 5GE name. According to AT&T, this is not the actual 5G network that many are waiting for but is a 4G type network that is upgraded for faster network speed.

5GE iPhone on at&t

5ge iPhone

Is AT&T working on 5G?

So, if you’re thinking that suddenly you’ve set your foot in next-generation 5G technology, you’re wrong. AT&T is working on their 5G technology and it was just a pre-announcement, but your smartphones don’t have 5G at this moment. AT&T is providing real 5G technology to some of their costumes in Houston, but they didn’t properly announce this evolution to every user.

Well played AT&T, but we’re afraid that people will start losing faith in your marketing tactics. We hope that you guys will come up with a better idea of marketing next time rather than rebranding your old technology.