Audiences of upcoming show ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ get free access in July

Apple TV+ ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’ will have filming in July, and those who are interested can be part of the audience if they’re fully vaccinated.

The filming will be done in New York and will be held July 14 and 16. It will be in a live in-studio audience, to which the tickets are now open.

The requirement to be an audience is that the individual must have full vaccination for COVID-19 two weeks after they received their last shot. Once successful, the participant must upload their vaccine card photo to a portal for verification and review.

Furthermore, a screening is held in-studio, where the participant must have his or her temperature checked. They will also be asked to have a face covering while inside.

Individuals aged 18 and above can get the tickets. Filming for the rest of the episodes can unlock more audience sit-in opportunities in the near future.

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