August Home has a new smart lock that’s 20% Off

The smart lock from August Home is definitely an upgrade from traditional deadbolts. Aside from being able to lock and unlock remotely the lock works with Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant, among others.

Today, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is down to just $203.52 from its original price of $249.99 on Amazon. That’s a 19% discount equaling to about $46 in savings.

Smart Lock

The Wi-Fi lock is easy to install and attaches to existing deadbolt spaces. You won’t need to bridge or use other devices since it connects directly to the internet via 2.4 GHz range.

The remote unlock via app or smartphone is certainly nifty, but you can also command it to unlock automatically whenever you’re at the door. Auto lock is done whenever you leave the house.

Virtual keys can be sent to family members, close friends and people you trust via the August app. Biometric or facial recognition unlocking is also supported.

Get the newest 4th gen smart lock from August, off 20% today!