AUKEY’s 100W MacBook Pro USB-C charger is now 30% off


Upgrade your stock charger with one that can power up your MacBook Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and others. Today, the AUKEY Omnia 100W USB Charger is down to just $31.99 from its original price of $45.99 on Amazon. That’s a 30% discount on both white and black model variants.

AUKEY's 100W MacBook Pro USB C Charger

What makes Aukey’s charger special? It has a GaN power system which allows its to be more compact than the standard MacBook Pro charger. It’s travel friendly due to the fact that it has a foldable plug for on-the-go charging.


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The charger gets your MacBook Pro 16 inch model to 100% in just under 2 hours, and the iPhone 11 to 50% in half an hour. The GaN chip keeps things nice and cool while delivering maximum energy transfer.

The Omnia PD Charger is built with safeguards such as overcharging, overheating and excessive current problems and can even bypass the closed lid issue. At 30% off it’s one of the best USB C chargers you can get today!

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