Australian Teen that stole $42K Worth of Apple products arrested


A 16-year old teen in Australia has been apprehended by authorities for stealing $41,900 worth of Apple goods at the Canberra Centre Apple Store.

Apple Products Arrested

The Canberra Times covered the Apple theft story, saying how the teen had an accomplice that allowed them to gain entry to the Apple Store location and stole about $40k worth of items. Apparently, the forced entry triggered the store’s burglar alarm and alerted the security staff, which gave chase to the suspects.

The suspects fled with the Apple products and dropped a bag that contained stolen Apple goods. Later on, the authorities looked at the CCTVs in the area and were able to identify one of the perpetrators. The 16 year old was then arrested Wednesday evening.

According to Australian law, the teen will be charged with property damage, theft and aggravated burglary within the ACT Magistrates Children’s Court this Thursday. Investigation is still ongoing with the hopes of catching the second suspect.

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