Austria next in Apple’s ‘Look Around’ feature

Apple has set its sights on Austria as its next region to have the ‘Look Around’ feature for Apple Maps.

DerStandard, a German language news outlet recently reported that there will be Apple vehicles that will roam the streets of Austria starting July 5. The initial objective is to map out roads using vehicles, with on-foot recording going at a later date.

Austria has not been added to the list of countries and regions on its official website, but it’s expected that it will be added later on.

Apple has been steadily improving its ‘Look Around’ feature to add more regions over the years. Generally, its Apple Maps has improved, with faster directions and more accurate location and tracking, as well as greater detail regarding local landmarks.

The ‘Look Around’ feature in Apple Maps was introduced in iOS 13 and offers a ground-level view of a location. Currently, it’s available in 28 cities spread across the world, including the UK, the US, Ireland and Japan.

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