New Apple Trade-In tool in the works


Apple is believed to be developing a new tool that can assess cosmetic damage of a device that’s sent in for a trade-in.


The code for ‘Cosmetic Scan’ and ‘Trade-In Tool’ were discovered in the latest beta version of iOS 15.4, and it spread throughout social media channels. The scan is expected to check for damage which will be used to ascertain the trade value of the iPhone in question. The tool includes a QR code that will probably be used during the process.

Apple has not released an official statement, nor did they explain how the new tools work. It might use the camera to take an image for scanning and for a closer look at the device aesthetics, such as scratches, dents and more.

It’s expected that Apple will reveal the contents and features of iOS 15.4 to the public as soon as it’s released. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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