LG stops iPhone SE LCD production

LG, a supplier of OLED screens for the iPhone 12 and LCD screens for the iPhone SE may no longer be working with Apple for its LCD products.

LG is a company that’s known for creating display technology and works with Apple to provide OLED screens for the iPhone 12 range. They will divert LCD production to supply in-vehicle displays instead of making them for the iPhone SE.

iPhone 12 models all use OLED screen, with iPhone SE being the only one with an LCD technology. LG is just one of its suppliers, with Samsung taking up a huge majority. A third partnership with BOE resulted in a failed partnership due to the company repeatedly failing quality tests.

Moving forward, Apple will have its LCD panels produced by JDI and Sharp. On the other hand, LG will create LTPS, or low temperature polycrystalline silicon TFTs, a technology commonly used in vehicle displays.

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