Autographed Apple Memorabilia Auction goes live


An auction event hosted by RR Auction is now live and offers a collection of Apple items with signed autographs.

Autographed Apple Memorabilia Auction

In RR Auction’s Fine Autographs and Artifacts there are a total of 12 Apple items up for bidding among 865 lots. Most of the specimens are signed by famous personalities, including major historical leaders, religious figures and presidents, among others.

The Apple-themed items include an Apple-1 board replica, a mouse signed by Wozniak, a reference manual for the Apple II computer, floppy disks, a one dollar bill, an Apple-1 motherboard image and photographs. Most of the specimens hold a signature of either Steve Wozniak or Ronald Wayne, and in several instances both co-founders.

‘Fine Autographs and Artifacts’ is currently live and will run from now until June 15. Those who are interested can register and bid on the official RR Auctions website. The minimum bid for the Apple-related specimens is $200.

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