Avail of a Cool and Stylish Shargeek Power Bank at $40 Off

You may already own a power bank you use to charge your essential tech, but how about one that has a see-through form? The Shargeek Storm2 Slim 20,000mAh Power Bank has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, and now is your chance to get one at $40 off. Today, it’s down to just $159 from its original price of $200 on Amazon.

The aesthetic design and coolness factor should be enough for you to spring the deal. In addition, the Storm2 Slim can power a MacBook, thanks to its 100W USB-C port. The 30W port can take care of your other devices, including your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods, among others. Simultaneous charging is also supported by this amazing power bank.

Shargeek Power Bank

Reminiscent of vape devices, the Storm2 Slim also houses an IPS display screen that tells you battery percentage, charging status, temperature, and working ports. Buy the discounted Shargeek Storm2 Slim 20,000mAh Power Bank today!