Get 17% off on the Babbel Language Learning App

Ever wanted to learn a new language and expand your linguistic horizon? Babbel has 14 language sets at your fingertips, including German, Italian, French, Spanish and more.

What separates Babbel from other language learner apps is that the curriculum is divided into bite-sized chunks of 10 to 15-minute sessions for convenience. Plus, the things you’ll be learning can be immediately applied in real life and in conversations.

Babbel Language Learning App

Babbel has a unique speech recognition technology so you’ll know how to pronounce a word or phrase exactly how it’s meant to be said. Offline mode lets you continue learning even without an internet connection.

Babbel Language Learning App

Babbel Language Learning access is $83.40 for 1 year, $149.99 for 2 years and $299 for a lifetime subscription, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $69, $99 and $149, respectively. You get up to 50% off with our deal.