Back Up All Your Files and Enjoy a $70 Discount with this 10-Terabyte Hard Drive

Do you always bemoan the fact that you don’t have a home for all your files, and a 1 or 2TB of hard drive won’t be enough?

Your prayers are answered! Amazon is currently offering the Seagate Backup Plus 10TB External Hard Drive at just $199.99, down $70 from its original price of $269.99

Though its main selling point is the extra storage, Seagate’s product is more than just that. The 2 USB 3.0 ports at the front can serve as connections for transferring data and can double as charging ports for compatible devices. Install the NTFS driver and you’ll be able to use the hard drive on both Mac and Windows platform. 10 terabytes is plenty, even if you have tons of videos, music and digital content, so it’s a worthwhile investment in the end.

File junkies should definitely consider buying the Seagate Backup Plus at a discounted price. It’s a rare opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

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