Battersea Power Station to open June 15

The Apple Battlesea Power Station in London will open to the public on June 15.

Apple disclosed its latest Apple Store opening in London, housed within a former power station on its official website. The webpage invites customers to explore the power station and sign up for a Photo Tour or Art Tour. The site’s theme and Apple logo are brick-themed in line with the construction of the station.

Apple Battlesea Power Station

Battlesea Power Station was named a heritage site in the 80s and is one of the largest brick structures to exist. Its historical importance and architectural significance were the reasons why the government declared the place a heritage site. Under the ‘heritage site’ status, Battlesea Power Station is legally protected in integrity, significance, and character aspects.

Battlesea Power Station is the latest store to be opened. Apple recently shared a plan to relocate and revamp Apple Stores from around the globe.