Battery swap between Beats Fit Pro and AirPods ‘Nearly Impossible’, according to iFixit

A teardown video of both the Beats Fit Pro and 3rd gen AirPods revealed a comparison in components, particularly the size of the battery and how they’re both hard to repair.

In the latest iFixit YouTube video, the Apple-branded accessories get the traditional teardown in order for viewers to get a glimpse of what’s inside. A cornucopia of chips, cables and batteries were found in each earbud. iFixit discovered that the process wasn’t an easy one as they had to use a vice to remove the adhesive seal between the two plastic halves.

Each component revealed came with a commentary, including the Spatial Audio mechanisms and the Apple-made H1 chip. For repairability, both Beats Fit Pro and the 3rd gen AirPods received a 0/10 for repairability aspects.

Apple has received past criticism for the AirPods’ apparent disposable nature. However, Apple mentioned that it has partnered up with recyclers so the components may be reused.

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